Christmas market   

First Sunday    - closed   ( religious holiday )

 Welcome to the traditional Christmas market of the “Nordstraße” in Dusseldorf. Here you can enjoy your Christmas shopping without the hustle and bustle of being in a big city!! Nordstraße is well known and popular in Dusseldorf for its shopping ambience and wide variety the whole year round. Lots of different shops of the well known bigger chains as well as quite a lot of smaller so called one-man shops are situated all along the whole street. Here tranquillity is a big word. You could run into people from different generations and places all the time during your visit to one or more of the many good Restaurants and Bistro’s (with the typical Dusseldorf flair) that are well situated in “Nordstraße” and indicate an open invitation to come in and stay. During the last 30 years or so the Christmas market at the “Nordstraße” has established itself as a very popular meeting place for young and old from near and far. Then reason for this is that the Christmas market and the “Nordstraße” form a perfect unity for both shopping and relaxed slandering. Festively decorated stalls and shops give the “Nordstraße” a Christmassy feeling and make you want to have part in the wide culinary variety that is on offer. It can also serve as an excellent idea giver for your next Christmas present. This good culinary quality mixed with the glamour of Christmas is well known even far beyond the borders of Dusseldorf. A big emphasis is placed on social commitment: The “Werbegemeinschaft nördliche Innenstadt e.V.” and the organizers of the Christmas market have a yearly “stall of good deeds” where you can buy lottery tickets for small winnings like vouchers for the various other stalls and shops that are all parts of this “Werbegemeinschaft nördliche Innenstadt e.V.”. All profits will go to “Ambulanter Kinderhospizdienst Dusseldorf”. Play and win in the children’s Christmas corner: A stall especially only for our younger visitors where they can have fun and play games all in Christmas style. Here too, all profits go to “Ambulanter Kinderhospizdienst Dusseldorf”.






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